Thursday, September 15, 2016

Update on October 7,2016:
With all the competing teams and the habit of some Etsy sellers for dropping promotional links and running the team didn't take off like I had hoped. The captain has decided to not put more effort into trying to get the team active again.
To quote a random stupid animal picture somewhere on the internet-
I haz sad.

Attention all bloggers with Etsy shops!  I would love to see this group grow and enjoy the fun and friendships that would come with that.
Got a blog? Love Etsy? Then come join the EtsyBloggers! The EtsyBloggers are the official and original Etsy team for those who love to blog about their craft, the creative process, and other Etsians. In other words, EtsyBloggers ROCK!! :D

In order to join the EtsyBloggers, there is a 5-step membership process. This ensures teammate participation, team promotion, and also results in finding some awesome bloggy peeps!

1. Write a blog post about any EtsyBloggers Member, Leader, or Captain. You can blog about the shop or one listing.
2. Send a convo to the Team Captain ( with a link to your blog post.
3. Now go ahead and apply to the EtsyBloggers team - we would be happy to have you join us!
4. Click Apply on our team page ( and you will be granted membership asap.
5. After a new member joins the EtsyBloggers team, here’s what happens next:
1. The Team Captain creates a “Welcome New Teammate!” thread.
2. In that thread is a link to your shop.
3. Also in that thread is a link to the blog post that you wrote about your teammate.
4. All teammates will then show you some love! Every member will favorite your shop and also one of your listings!
5. All teammates will go comment on the blog post where you featured an EtsyBlogger.
6. All teammates will post a link on their own blogs pointing to that blog post your wrote about a teammate before joining.
7. All teammates will also feature your shop (or one of your listings) in that same blog post.
8. All teammates will then come back to your Welcome thread to post a link to your feature on their blog.
9. You would then blog about all of your teammates who blogged about you.
10. You could write one blog post featuring many teammates, or you could write many blog posts, one for each teammate.
11. You would then create 2 lists:
1. A list of the blog addresses (URLs) of the EtsyBloggers who featured you. Post that EtsyBloggers blog list in the sidebar of your blog (widget). Then you will always know how to go visit your new teammates at their blogs.
2. A list of the blog posts which feature you.
12. Then you can go and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy Forums, or wherever else you’d like, and paste that list of features to show others where your shop has been featured, and also help share the EtsyBloggers team love!
13. All of the above is done during the first month of your membership.
14. Every month thereafter, all teammates will choose 1 teammate’s shop or listing to blog about (this is separate from welcoming a new teammate).
15. Then all teammates will go to our team page on Etsy ( and post a link to that bloggy feature in the “Monthly Features” thread.
16. Whoever featured you on their blog that month will also get a feature written by you, on your own blog.

It all may sound complicated as written above, but really it’s all quite simple. It boils down to this: You blog about the EtsyBloggers, and the EtsyBloggers blog about you!

As of September 13 2016, there are only 4 members of the EtsyBloggers team since we are once again growing our team organically from the ground up and so we are now implementing the above *NEW RULES* for our team, to encourage participation and to create a close-knit community of bloggers.

Here are the current members of EtsyBloggers team:
1. who blogs at
2. who blogs at
3. who blogs at
4. who blogs at

We would love new members, and would love to add more wonderful bloggers to our lists!

Got a blog? Love Etsy? Then come join the EtsyBloggers!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Todays Thoughts, Photos, Shop and End of Summer

What's On My Mind Today?
I must confess not a whole lot. I have been thinking about what summer was since we are now a week or so past Labor Day Weekend. The summer started in California going to Sea World and seeing family. This summer ended with a day on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. In between there were other family times here in Jackson and a cruise to Alaska. All of it good and I will share scenes in future posts.

I have come up with what I hope will be a new format that I can stick to. The headings tell it all. First "What's On My Mind Today?" which can be about nearly anything. Next is shop news and I hope to have new listings to share here soon. Last I decided to go through my pictures and choose a photo that catches my eye and share it. Any way we will see how this goes.

Shop News

 I choose a few items from my shop today to promote on twitter. These dishcloths we something I tweeted. I just love the cheerfulness of the colors in these. Just looking at the colors made me happy as I crocheted these.

I am also looking forward to seeing if we can get a nice group growing on the EtsyBloggers team. Got an Etsy shop? Got a blog? Join us!

Photo of the Day
Somewhere in Arizona

I will admit that after nearly 5 years in the Phoenix area I never really grew to love the harsh desert landscape. What helped was that in the central part of the state not far from Payson you could see views like this.

Til next time.

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