Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Do you have a fitbit?

I was gifted one a couple months ago. Wearing that goal setting device on my wrist every day has changed so much about how my days go. I have become very serious about getting my steps each day. I even walked on the ship during our recent Alaskan cruise.

I love looking at the charts online on my fitbit profile to see how I am doing. I am so proud of myself when I end up at the top of my friends list sometimes. That doesn't happen often but I like to stay in the top three or four.

So, just wondering, has a fitbit changed you too?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Etsy Bloggers Revitalized

I am excited these days! Long ago I was a member of a very early Etsy team known as the EtsyBloggers and then, silly me, I left the team thinking that Artfire would be the next great thing, but we all know it wasn't. So back to Etsy I went but EtsyBloggers had changed and the team captain was busy with a growing family and I found another group to be a part of. You see I like to be in one group at a time. It makes my life less complicated.

With the big announcement of acceptable manufacturing on Etsy like many I tried out Zibbet. Actually I bought a lifetime membership there for a very good price and have a neglected shop still there. I poured my heart into that shop. I grew a twitter account from a few hundred into thousands spreading the word about that Zibbet shop. I was part of a group of sellers all supporting each other on Zibbet. I came to realize after a bit more than a year it was just ridiculous to continue. So once again back to Etsy.

I was also a part of Group2020. This was made up of a fantastic group of sellers. Some of them I will probably stay in touch with for a long time. As usual with life that group has fallen apart. I get it, life happens. I felt a bit at a loss without a group to share and enjoy and then......

......the team leader of my old EtsyBloggers group found me on instagram! She is at a place in her life where she wants to take charge of the group and bring it back to life. This is such a good thing for me. It will help me think about blogging more. It will give me a group to share with and enjoy.

If you are a seller on Etsy and have a blog and are willing to do some things for team support you could join too. Where? Start with applying to the team on Etsy by clicking right here.

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