Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello World

I did something last week, had the camera with me and took no pictures. Typical of me I suppose, most of my life is half done, nearly done or undone. Sometimes the guilt of that bothers me and sometimes I say "Oh hell, life goes on. Get over it".

Anyway what I did last week was go on a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate 38 years of being married. We had a comped suite at the Luxor which was nice except for the Vegas standard of no coffee makers in hotel rooms. (Hint for Vegas hotels- Look I get the reasoning but many of us would come downstairs in a much better mood if we could have a cup of coffee first.)

We spent most of a day using the pool and a cabana and loved it. Cabanas at the Luxor include soft drinks and bottled water, snacks, a tv, misters to fight the heat, lounge chairs, towels and wait staff that comes by so you can order drinks from the bar or meals to be delivered to your little place in the shade.

Inbetween dips in the pool and eating lunch I read a book I brought along.I finished it after I got home. I was reading "Next" by Michael Crichton. I enjoyed the story and the fast pace of the details unfolding.

Mornings our meals were at the cafe or the buffet which have the standard expected choices and were all nicely done. One night we tried the Rice Restaurant inside Luxor and loved it. Our favorite off the menu was the Fantasy Roll.

I got home for the Zibbet relaunch and my shop made the transition smoothly after being on vacation the week before. I have some pictures to clean up because I am not satisfied with them in the new look but I will get there.

Also Lehane Arts on Etsy is our Group2020 shop of the week. You can find out a bit about that shop from the blog post I wrote for the Group2020 team blog.

So what's new with you? Anyone?

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