Monday, May 5, 2014

Over the Weekend

It was quiet around here this weekend. We did not go out of town but rather just puttered around home. Jim got his garage all cleaned up and organized the way he likes it. Since we don't have Direct TV yet (it is coming Friday) we spent some time watching shows on Netflix. I did some more knitting on my donation blanket. I also took part in #ssps on Twitter. That is Shameless Self Promotion Sunday. I enjoyed tweeting, retweeting and seeing lots of new folks to follow.

Our big excitement for the weekend was dinner at Trio in Jackson. This is a nice time of year to be local. Most restaurants offer specials such as two for on entres in this time before the tourist season starts. It can be rather expensive here so it is nice to take advantage of the deals. We had salads and pizza from the wood fired oven. The food was great and the service was excellent.

Just an observation. About a week ago we went to the Brew Pub and it was filled with men having a beer, food and talking. This weekend at Trio most of the customers were groups of women doing the same things but with wine.

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