Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random Shop Sharing or RSS Brick Shtick

Randomly sharing a shop is something I used to do on the blog and I got out of the habit. Well I am starting again because it is something I like to do. The shops I will share will be handmade, vintage or supply shops that I run across on places like Zibbet or Etsy. Today the shop is Brick Shtick on Zibbet. I think she sells on other sites possible but today the links go to Zibbet.

To understand more about this unusual artist I am quoting from the Policy Page in the Welcome Section.

Welcome... here is a little about me and how I came to this part of my artistic endeavors. I have used a variety of mediums and LEGO® as my current medium is not only challenging, it is also whimsical, which is a little how I am...challenging and whimsical. For me LEGO® is really quite a chaotic material to use but at the same time very precise. Somehow in a in a pile bricks and pieces of chaos, I can see and then reach near perfection with something as utilitarian as a box or as with a piece that is purely visual such as a cake topper?

Perfection really is everywhere, and each flaw is a bit of perfection. So when I create, I work hard to put the traditional meanings of perfection and art aside and go with what comes to me. It is the process of creating beauty and meaning out of these non traditional bits and pieces that moves me

I have had a few different careers, the big ones have been Carpenter, Teacher, and Technical Theatre Geek. As a carpenter and a teacher, I have always had a thing for woodworking and many of my early box creations are made from pieces of scrap wood. I would work a similar process of creating something from chaos or scraps of what would otherwise be thrown away. It became a very serious process and beautiful creations were made, however it lacked the whimsey and smiles that the world of Lego Artist grants me. I truly enjoy making custom pieces because I am motivated and inspired by others vision. Combining my vision with yours is what I hope to accomplish. I hope my work makes you smile and can feel the energy I plant into each of my pieces.

Want to see what some of the pieces look like? Of course. The pictures will be linked to the item page and easy to click when you are ready to shop.

Godzilla Birthday Cake Topper

Wonder Woman Business Card Holder

Bow Tie Pins

Brick Shtick has a Facebook Page and a twitter feed @brickshtick where you can catch all the latest news about designs and so on. Feel free to share what you think about today's Randomly Shared Shop, leave a comment here or on G+.

One more shout out about the awesome Cuprum29 who is the Group2020 shop of the week. The shop is filled with mixed metal jewelry and sleek modern bracelet designs. Trust me it is worth your time to look.

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