Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Never Ahead

I live a life where I am always catching up it seems and never ahead. My own fault and I have no valid excuses for it. I am a professional at grand plans and the easiest person for me to ignore is me. I can do whatever anyone else needs on time, every time.

So any way I planned on Tuesdays being a day to share something handmade in my house and I missed doing that yesterday. You are getting that post today combined with a random new thing in my life for my grand what is new Wednesday idea.

Today's handmade items are again something Jim has. He bought them in Grantsville, Utah at a craft show that was called Handcrafted Holiday. Like many craft shows now it was handcrafted after you ran past Pampered Chef and the Tupperware people. Shame how that has gone, you know? Any way Jim bought these from a wood turner at the show because he liked the woods and the shapes.

As for what's new? It is such a simple thing really. After a couple weeks it seems of everyday being cloudy and wet and snowy or rainy we had beautiful blue sky today. As I walked by windows doing this and that I could feel the warmth from the sunshine coming through even though we barely were above freezing for a high temperature today. The view from one of my kitchen windows will show you what it was like.

I really don't mind cold but I do crave blue sky and sunshine sometimes and today I had plenty. I am grateful.

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