Friday, December 13, 2013

Perils of Online Selling

I sold a headband yesterday and promised my buyer that I would send it first thing this morning and I kept that promise. Keeping it was a bit of an adventure however.

You see we live in a very small town that has no home mail delivery and Jim has to drive a mountain pass to get to work. He has to use his 4 wheel drive truck to get there and home safely. He also said that he needed an ATV with a blade on the front of it to clear the snow we get here. That leaves me in the winter with our old rear wheel drive sedan and that is where my adventure begins today.

I went out to the garage and pressed the button on the wall to open the door after packing the order to get in the car to go to the Post Office and found the ATV parked snugly right next to the driver side door of the car. I decided to get in on the passenger side. Going over to that side I found bicycles and a lawn mower right by the passenger doors. I had to move the bikes and lawn mower so I could get in the car and scoot across to the driver's side. I started the car, backed out of the garage over piles of snow left behind from plowing the driveway with the coveted ATV by someone who is mostly right in thinking I never go anywhere anyway and looked up at the visor to find the garage door gadget was not there.

Leaving the car running in the driveway I went back into the garage, hit the button on the wall to close the door and left the garage by the small door on the side to step out onto unshoveled sidewalk. Not shoveled because no one comes here, we use the garage usually and the snow plow blade is too big to do the sidewalk so why would Jim bother clearing it anyway? My broken toe (a story for another day) and I limped around the garage in the snow to get back to the car. Driving slowly and carefully on barely plowed and icy streets I made it to the Post Office. Hallelujah I found no line at the Post Office thanks to living in a very small town.

Coming back home on those same streets I had to reverse the process. I pulled into the driveway, went around the garage in the snow, pressed the button on the wall to open the door and pulled in. The bright spot was that with the bikes and lawn mower already moved getting out of the car was not as big a pain as getting in.

I got there and back safely, the order is on the was so now as Phil of Duck Dynasty says, "Everyone should be happy, happy, happy."

Blogger is being a stinker about pictures for some reason right now. Add another event to today's adventure!I will show you all the headband when I edit later. Who knows I may show you the old car and coveted ATV too.
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