Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simpler and Cleaned Up

Well I did it and I don't know that it makes a difference to anyone but me. Years ago I used to do paid posts. One of the places I posted for gave you links to work in and make fit in your regular writing. The problem was so many of them were for quack diet pill places and that always bugged me but I took the $5 per post and kept writing.

I have cleaned up the blog of those posts and anything else that does not fit or make sense anymore. I have also imported all the posts from my Cozy Stitches blog and will be deleting it. It just makes no sense to me to have two blogs. Silly idea in the first place. Anyway all done and life is made one step simpler. Go me!

Till next time.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I should have

I should have ridden the carousel on our family trip earlier this month. Who doesn't love carousels? The art on the animals is always so impressive.

Instead I got talked into things like the ride called Disko and a roller coaster with two loops and a couple corkscrews. I didn't get sick but I felt the effects from those rides for quite awhile.

We all had a good time though. Some of us lasted for a few hours and others rode all the rides several times until nearly midnight.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We have had a Netflix subscription for awhile now. Maybe a year or more but I have lost track and it doesn't really matter. Jim doesn't use it much but I do. We have different tastes like most couples. I like a story and he is more into reality or rather what pretends to be reality on television.

Netflix lets me have my stories. At first I queued a lot of shows and movies that I thought I would enjoy. For tv shows I used to watch one episode and then move on to another show and watch an episode kind of like if you were watching regular television. Lately I have changed to a marathon style of watching as many episodes as I have time for in one sitting. So far I have seen all of Bones and Mad Men that is until new seasons comes out. I still have a huge queue of things I might like waiting for me. Did you know that the queue limit on Netflix is 500 titles? I learned that.

So today I want to know if you have a Netflix or Hulu account are you a marathon watcher or more scattered?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Well Hello There.....

Dear blog and whatever readers happen to come by,

No apologies for not posting much, just didn't. Moving forward now.

I have been knitting all summer and have lots of scarves done, well I have ends to weave in but the knitting is done. Most of them are the infinity type which have been a lot of fun to knit. Hopefully most of them will find new homes this fall. My work is all going to be listed in my shop here. I will start posting pictures later when I have them online. If you prefer facebook to blogs you can see my page here.

If you are still with me say hello in the comments and thanks for reading this far.

Have to leave you with a picture.

I spent a very nice day here in very pleasant company recently. We splurged on a poolside cabana with refrigerator, tv, drinks and snacks and loved every minute of it. Do you know where this is?

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