Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Need This

I have come to realize that I need this place, this blog. This blog should be, and I hope to make it, a journal of sorts of the things I make. I would also like to show from time to time the handcrafted goodness I find around the internet that amazes and inspires me. From the number of posts here you would think I don't make much but I really have several projects going all the time.

Lately I have wanted to start making socks for myself. With good intentions and several balls of sock yarn, crochet hooks and a couple patterns I set out to do just that on our cruise to Alaska. I figured at sea time would be good for trying out making socks and I choose crochet because I can pretty much do it in my sleep.

I tried and as much as I love to crochet the result just did not feel as good as what I imagined a knitted sock would. So I frogged the work.

When the Olympics started I realized I had to have something for my hands to do with all the TV time watching all the events. So my crocheted sock has become an easy to knit slouchy hat or it will when I get it done,

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