Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It seems such a silly thing but I found out an old family story was a bit off. I was told that the night I was born the doctor took a break from waiting for me to arrive, went home, watched an episode of Gunsmoke, came back and delivered me. The part that is a bit off is that I was born in June and the show, Gunsmoke, did not start its first season until September. I wonder what he did watch?

PS I am around and still figuring out whether to try and catch up here from the summer or just consider myself starting over. I do have some summer memories I would like to share here if only for myself.


  1. We'd be interested in those summer memories, I'm sure. Catch up or start over? You'll do what feels right at the time. Or play it by ear. Glad you're back on track.

  2. Thanks Bill. Oh and I hope you get your email problems straightened out. I always need to call support for those kind of things too.


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