Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a surprise!


Yes, yes, I know, it has been more than a month since I last posted. I had a fun and busy July that I will catch up on another day. 

I had to share what happened just off my back porch this morning. As I was pouring a second cup of coffee I heard one of those "what the heck?" sounds. Looking out the kitchen window I saw a hot air balloon coming down in the field just over my back fence. The sound I heard was the burner going off and on.
I have no idea what the problem was but the balloon was deflated, loaded on a truck and the passengers were put in a van and within half an hour they were all gone. I was told the intention was to float along the Snake River which is fairly close to my house but evidently it did not work out that way.
The plan for blogging, yes I always make plans, is to reduce my guilt over not posting several times a week by committing to post something here every Wednesday. I think I can keep with that and quit beating myself for not posting more.

Until next week......


  1. A hot air falling out of the sky;that would get your attention alright. Looking forward to next Wednesday. What was great and busy about July. Sounds like you're having fun in Jackson. Reminds me of a Johnny Cash/June Carter song, "I'm Going To Jackson", although a different Jackson.

  2. Next week I will talk about July. I thought about that song a lot when I found out I would be moving. Thank goodness the fire hasn't gone out yet. LOL

  3. See? That could've been me in the hot air balloon...had this been 8 years ago, that is. Joe proposed to me in a hot air balloon, and I swore that tiny little basket thing was going to be the end of me! To this day, I still say I will never get in one of those things again. Way too scary, way too many things can easily go wrong. The proof is in your post! :)

    Hope you're doing well.


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