Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

The first day of Spring. Really?

I will tell you that most of that snow has fallen off the trees and the snow on the roof is melting so much that it sounds like rain but there is still a couple feet of snow on the ground. I heard Jackson does not have spring and maybe the person who told me that was right. Still pretty though.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love Books, Any Books

Nothing is better than time spent with a book. I mean any book because I read anything and everything from biography, to fiction, to history, to those books that focus on current events or politics. Relaxing with a story that has much greater depth and detail than anything that can be shown on television or in a movie is my favorite way to spend my time.

I just finished reading American Wife which I guess is a biography of Laura Bush with a veil of fiction thrown over it. I came to see Alice/Laura in a more sympathetic way but I am still not fond of Charlie/George or men like him.

Current reading is Water for Elephants and in a strange way it reminds me of A River Runs Through It because the story is told by an elderly man looking back. I have not read much more than the first chapter yet so I will let you know more about this book later.

Are you like me and use a good story to get away for a little while? What are you reading lately?

Changes are scary

Way back when I started this blog I was in love with Etsy and my little shop there was going to be the focus here. I fell out of love with the place quite some time ago but figured my cozyetsy.blogspot name didn't really matter. After this week I just can't stand it anymore. This blog is now

I hope I don't lose any of you in this change.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A little more than a month...

Yes it has been more than a month since I moved to Jackson and what an interesting month it has been. Lots has happened starting with the mundane moving tasks of unpacking boxes and deciding where every thing goes in the new spaces. We had our taxes done which came out a bit different than we were expecting and not really in a good way. One cheerful time was Valentine's Day when I was presented with the bouquet of roses you see here. Actually they came the day after because the florist was swamped with orders and did not get to my house until the 15th but that is okay. I am not the type to get upset but such things.

Of course there were animals around. Remember this visitor? We saw our first moose very up close. This mom and calf washed the truck one day and came back to do the trailer the next. They seemed to like the salt from Utah roads that was in the dirt or that is what we figure. They also spent some time chewing on the lower branches of our trees. I also saw an elk cow tumble down a hill in a snow slide coming home from the grocery store.

We had company over Presidents Day Weekend. Animals, lots of snow, four wheeler rides, trying out a new snow blower, card games, sewing projects and a trip to Town Square to see the snow sculptures kept us all busy and happy.

I have watched from my living room window as the clouds build over these mountains. It seems to snow here every day at least a little bit. When the clouds clear and the sun is shining in a beautiful blue sky it takes my breath away. At night since there is no big city light pollution the stars in the sky on a clear night are without number. The sheer beauty of this place makes the long winters bearable. I do admit however that I want to see what our yards look like and how big the deck on the back of the house really is. That mystery is covered by about 3 feet of snow.

One last bit of the ordinary, I rediscovered how much I like to bake, especially bread. I also actually made a very tender pot roast the other day after having a few flops.

Don't know when I will blog again. I make grand plans but always seem to go off track. You never know, it may be tomorrow or it may be next month. However to all my readers thanks for stopping by and hope you are all doing well with whatever life has in store for you these days.

One last personal note. Bill, I wish you and the lady of the house well in your downsizing and moving adventures. I will be waiting to see your stories about becoming an Okie.

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