Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jackson Winterfest!

It is a great time to be in Jackson. There are lots of events all over the area. I hope to be at a few of them myself. For information check out the Winterfest web site.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fresh Powder

I woke up this morning to a light snowfall that put a new dusting on the trees. Something else I have noticed in being away from a big city is that the snow stays prettier longer. It does not gather all the dirt and debris thrown out by commuting cars and people. I am liking this. I know that next winter about this time I may well be whining about waiting for spring but we'll deal with that when it happens okay?

In the meantime I want to start recording what I read. If you have read anything I put here feel free to leave a comment. Right now I am reading American Wife. I bought the book in an airport around the holidays and I am fascinated by the story but am rationing it. I don't have my new library card yet and that is my favorite way to get books. Getting a library card is something I do right after getting a new drivers license when I move to a new place and I need to do both, maybe next week. I am anxious to check out the Teton County Library and see what they have to offer.

Until next time-

For a Princess

Yesterday for Wordless Wednesday, which is a way of blogging on Wednesdays that I intend to continue, I showed you a pink baby blanket I am working on. In an effort to reduce my stash of yarn and fabrics I decided to make this with yarn I already. As any of you who knit or crochet know sometimes it just does not work out. It looks as if, oh darn, I need to get some more yarn to finish it to the size I want. I am thinking about a green border to enclose the pinks.

I am pleased with the way it looks so far and when finished it will go online in one of my shops so someone can make the life of a new princess softer.

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