Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Neighbors

 CIMG1452I am so excited to be around all the animals that can be found in the Jackson area. CIMG1454

  During the holidays while wandering around getting to know the area we got to see elk, moose, deer, bison and big horn sheep. Some day I would like a chance to see the wolves of Yellowstone and I should have plenty of time to get that accomplished, if not this year then the next. CIMG1446

I wish my pictures were better but I just had a point and shoot with me and no tripod. With all the possibilities for finding these neighbors out and about I am sure I will bore you with many more pictures of them in the years to come.CIMG1448

I would encourage any visitor to Jackson WY this time of year to go to the east end of town past the hospital and creep along The National Elk Refuge Road. The views of the elk, bison and sheep were amazing and different every time.CIMG1492

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