Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trips

We love road trips or at least I do, maybe Jim just puts up with me. Our last drive went well but one trip last year definitely did not. A roadside assistance plan would have been nice to have. As it was we limped our way from Kanab to Salt Lake. I had to stay there for three weeks waiting for the repair. It did snow on that trip (what snow in March in Utah?) and right now the coolness of that sounds so nice.


  1. road trips are nice - even with fellow workers, like my last trip.

  2. Yes, this has been a hot summer but it won't be long and Autumn will be knocking on our doors.

    I like road trips, too. I suspect most everyone likes them. I haven't taken taken a trip in a year or so but next week we are driving to Norman, Okla. to see our kids and grandkids before school starts and it's my daughter in law's birthday.I would hate to have car trouble but it's a possibility now because our car is almost eleven years old and It's an 800 mile round trip.

    My daughter in law is a talented girl who makes and sells Italian shawls. And she's something of an artist, who draws and paints. I but it will be a change of pace and will get a couple of old folks out of the house for a few days.

    Maybe trouble like you had last year is a thing of the past.


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