Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quality and Comfort

I may need to shop for shoes soon. For an undisclosed reason at this time I may start needing more than the sandal I slide on every day. These days I opt for quality and comfort even if it costs a bit more. Not a crazy amount more by the way just a bit more because I am too frugal to go crazy.


  1. I'm not familiar with ecco's ladies' shoes, but they have some good looking men's wear. I've never worn any but have seen them online.

    I've always had a foot problem. I was in my early thirties before I ever owned a pair of shoes that fit me. Once I found I could be fit, I spent too munch on shoes.

  2. Off the subject a bit. I re-desisgned my blog slightly. I wanted to put a picture at the top and I did. I wanted one that stretched all the way across the page, like yours. I couldn't find one that pleased me and I didn't know how to make them fit, if that were possible. Just an after thought.

  3. Your blog looks to be about 1000 pixels across so your picture would need to be that wide. It would also depend on how your blog template is set up to handle a photo at the top. Your picture is about 600 pixels wide and in my humble opinion I can see why you liked it.


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