Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Number 34

We got to spend our anniversary a couple weeks ago with family in Utah. We had a great time seeing the kids (the grown up ones) and the grandkids. We took everyone to a Real Salt Lake game on the evening of the 24th which happens to be our anniversary and a holiday in Utah. The game was followed by fireworks because of the holiday.

We took two days to travel each way. I know we could do the trip in one day but 11 or so hours of driving makes for one very long day and we aren't so young anymore. On the way up we stayed in Laughlin at Harrah's and on the way back at the Rio in Las Vegas. Rooms were courtesy of Harrah's. (Thanks)

 Above are all 6 of the little ones at the soccer game.


  1. That is a long trip in one day. Beyond my ability these days. And it was nice to get some help with the rooms. I hope everybody had a good time but I'm wondering about the good looking brunette in the yellow blouse. I'm not sure she's all that happy. Happy anniversary.

  2. She does smile but it had been a long day with lots of excitement.

  3. Happy Anniversay to you! I'm glad you got to spend that special day with your kids and grandchildren.

    Have a thoughtful Thursday, ~Natalie


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