Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Way of Thinking

This week I gave a face lift to four places I do things online. I was torn figuring out what to do. I just knew I wanted to make some changes to how my blogs and shops looked.

In the end I came up with two different themes. I love roses and I used one of Jim's photos of a rose as the starting place for the new look in my Artfire shop and this blog. I had a little bird that hung around my old backyard and showed quite a bit of attitude. I always liked the shot I got of the moment I caught him peeking out of his favorite bush. I used that as a theme for my Cozy Stitches blog and my Zibbet shop.

As far as the Stitches blog goes I keep thinking I should shut it down and then I change my mind. Unlike this blog my Stitches blog does not have etsy in the URL and I like that. I don't sell on etsy anymore since I am too small time to pay the fees to have any sales at all there. I keep this blog because it is approved on a couple sponsored post networks and gives me a bit of money for new yarn, fabric and the like. For some etsy is wonderful and I have some favorite shops there that I watch for new work.

To my way of new thinking two themes, two blogs, two shops says it all about the Gemini in me.

I am not scatter brained.

I am multi-focused.


  1. I'm liking your new look! Have a terrific Tuesday evening. ~Natalie

  2. My evening was good. Thanks for your comments.


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