Wednesday, August 11, 2010

30? How did that happen?

Thirty years ago today my husband was handing out cigars because our son was born in sunny San Diego. James Michael is thirty years old today and I have no idea how it happened so fast.

With no offense meant to my daughters because I love you all he was the easiest of my three babies to take care of.

He is now a great problem solver. You know the kind of guy you call if you are not sure what is wrong with your car or how to do a home repair or how to make all your electronic gadgets work like they should.

Since I am not with him today I will let this video sing happy birthday for me.

Can you tell that he does not know how he got this old either?

Happy Birthday Jimmy!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Son. He picked a good day to be born! It is also my birthday... He is just 3 years younger than me. :)

  2. I'm sure your son had a great birthday. For the most part good people have a way of making their environment a better place and the people around them feel good. Time marches on. It gets away from us.

    Twenty one years ago this summer I drove to a large city and rented a truck and brought my daughter and her two young boys home with me after her husband ran off with another woman, leaving her destitute in a strange city with, no money, no car and unemployed. She left last week for a new job, a new life. I don't know where the time has gone, either.


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