Friday, June 25, 2010

New App

Yes I know it has been awhile since I posted. It seems as if the more that is happening the less I blog and when I get around to talking all about it here it just seem like old news.

While waiting for a new refrigerator to be delivered to our rental house I did find a new handy app to tuck away on the SD card of my phone. You see to occupy myself while I waited I took along some headbands to crochet. By the way look for them in my shops starting next week. I wanted some noise but all the commercials on regular radio drive me nuts. I found an audio book app for my phone. For free you can download public domain books and listen. A variety of short stories kept me company while I crocheted and waited.

I will let you know when I start listing those headbands and I should get started on some other things too.

Just wondering, do you shop Christmas in July? If so do you look specifically for Christmas themed items or do you looks for gifts too?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clean Slate

Our backyard right now is a clean slate. Well not actually clean since it is bare dirt, rocks and weeds that Jim does a great job of keeping down to a minimum. I dream of it turning into a cool shady retreat or at least as cool as you can get in a desert summer.

Typical landscaping here for the water conscious is rocks with low water use plantings for a bit of color. We are tossing around some ideas but nothing is final yet and probably won't be until it cools off enough this fall to do the work. I don't think it is good for plants or people to do major yard work when it is over 100.

One addition I would like to have is an arbor. I think arbors create serene little spots of shade and quiet. You know what I mean don't you? It would be just that little spot to sit on a bench or swing for a minute or ten with your morning coffee and listen to the birds and plan your day. I have seen wooden arbors as well as vinyl and metal. You can use them as a stand alone piece or have plantings growing over them.

There won't be any work done on these ideas for awhile but I will record here how it all turns out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Week Went By

It has been a week since my last post. I am feeling a bit disgruntled. I find myself restless waiting for a lot of little details to come together. I thought about rearranging furniture because shaking up my environment actually settles me down sometimes. I can think through a lot of ideas while shoving around a sofa.

It is very warm however and I settled for finishing off the last of my birthday brownies. Chocolate is good for damn near anything, right?

Friday, June 4, 2010

National Donut Day!

Did you know that today, June 4th, is National Donut Day? This morning I have seen mentions of this wonderful event all over facebook and blogs. When I googled national donut day I found it was the third most popular search in the last hour. In case you missed hearing about the big day I thought I would join in and tell all of you about it here.

The closest place to me where I can take advantage of this fact is a Dunkin Donut shop. All day today if you buy a drink you can get a free donut. Sounds yummy! I hope they have some maple bars left when I get there. What is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Week Ago

One week ago today I was at a 6th grade promotion in Utah. My oldest granddaughter is moving on to junior high next year. It all seems to go so fast. Pretty soon she will be talking about cars and driving one, finding the best acne medication and using make up, boys,school dances and what to wear to one, all the latest fashion for clothes and hair and I did mention boys didn't I?



I have been reading a book that is making me rethink a lot about what I eat. I don't know if any of you have read Dakota by Martha Grimes but if you have don't tell me the end. She, the main character, has just hired a lawyer. Andi is in North Dakota and has taken a job working at a pig farm. For the sake of the animals and how they are treated she has decided to sue the pig farm and a nearby packing plant. Some of the writing is putting pictures in my mind that are making it more and more difficult to plan meals around meat products.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This View

This is the view from the backyard of a house we are closing on this evening. I am glad it is arranged for tonight because the other option was tomorrow morning. Now I don't have to toss and turn tonight thinking about it and have dark circles around eyes. I tend to get that way when I have morning deadlines, do you?

I don't know who will live there yet but it is a nicely sized, great floor plan with an Arizona view of the Superstitions that is priceless.We are not moving thank goodness. This house is an investment and we feel a very good one.

considering 55

My age will change next week. I will go from early 50's to mid 50's and the thought is a bit depressing. I notice I am a bit grayer this year and it really shows because I have never colored my hair unless you count a teen-aged experiment with lemon juice and sunshine. Some things are good though. I can be thankful that knees, hips and ankles are in good shape. My hands ache sometimes after a long day of knitting or crocheting. I suppose I will have to find some kind of joint pain relief one of these days because as long as I can see and my hands work I won't stop those hobbies. I need them as much as breathing whether anything sells in my shops or not.

My thoughts shared with you and noted for myself and a way to take a break from cleaning chores for a minute.

Let me know what is up with you.
I love comments.

Dusting is next.

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