Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Interested

In the last little while a bit of disturbance has been happening on Etsy. Yes, I know what else is new. This one has to do with adult items and how they are presented on the site. It seems that the main issue is that, once again, if the rules of the TOU and the site's Dos and Don'ts were consistently enforced in a fair and timely manner there would be no disturbance. I actually enjoy the wide range of things on the site even though most of what I like will never be considered hip enough for the front page.

The only reason I have my shop there closed is because of the pricing structure. I opted for sites where I know what I will spend every month no matter how much or how little I use the site.

(3/5/2013 update, no longer on Artfire, mostly Etsy now, lots of reasons why, if you want to know just ask.)

Happy Friday!

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