Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bodies of Water

When we travel we seem to end up much of the time near water. Lakes, rivers, oceans, no matter what it seems to draw us. We spent some time last week in upstate New York around Lake George and I found out something very new. What I am used to when I go to a lake in the west is miles of open shoreline that you can explore as you wish. Lake George shoreline seems to be all bought and paid for either by homeowners or resorts. Just getting to the water to see it can be hard except for the south end that has a park open to the public. I was just looking for the chance to take a walk and we ended up in the car on a scenic drive instead.

The drive had its good points and stunning views however so it all turned into a wonderful afternoon. In our wanderings we drove along the shores of Brant Lake. The clouds were building and the wind was very calm and this lake became a mirror of the surroundings. Jim took pictures here and got some beautiful images of the area. Below you see one of my favorites.


  1. Do you see me waving at you from the porch of my dream?

  2. That is my porch I saw it first! LOL


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