Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There are two things I have never had to face or do by myself. One of them, by choice, is that I have never eaten in a restaurant alone. There are times I could have but just did not. I went to a fast food drive through or just waited until I got home to get something to eat. No big deal really.

The other thing I have not done alone is face a major breakdown of a car I was driving. That is right, no accidents, blown tires, steaming radiators or any other disasters a vehicle can throw your way.

Do you have anything you fear of don't want to have to face alone? Silly or serious I invite you to share.


  1. Interesting thought:
    I don't like to drive at high speed by myself, I get panicky. The presence of another person takes off the edge.
    Something I have done alone and probably won't do again ALONE was going to the movies by myself.
    Must have been the only single attending person that evening, it was "The color purple".

  2. I always want to be...alone.
    When I am, I jump up and down and all around but, rarely walk out the door that same way.

    Travel...not sure about traveling alone. Road trip in my own car, sure enough but, on some other travel schedule of taxi, train, boat or plane? Really am not willing to be all that responsible. Although I have done it, with out an major glitches.

  3. I did not think of movies. I have not done that alone either. Then again I see so few movies in theaters with people. I am a reader and it just seems that movies miss so much of the stories that most of them disappoint.

    Like Teri I don't mind being alone in my own environment. I am a pretty good dancer then LOL.


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