Thursday, April 15, 2010


I belong to the Blogfire guild associated with Every couple weeks or so we all, well a few of us, post on a topic or theme. Those posts get gathered together in a list that is posted on the guild blog.

This week the topic is "Reflections". The blog carnival will be published tomorrow on the guild blog. I wanted to do a post about mirrors which was obvious or mandalas which I don't think are really reflections but instead are rotations around a center point but look cool or reflections captured in photography because my secret self wants to be a talented outdoor photographer. All of them seemed wonderful and there was lots to choose from. If you search them on Artfire you will quickly see what I mean.

The choices were overwhelming and as I searched I kept hearing this song in my head. Yeah that happens to me sometimes, what about you? Thanks to our leader AliciaMae it has been that way for about a week as I struggled to come up with a post. Finally I realized that I would share the song so it can stick with you too.

When you are done with Diana Ross then you can do your own shopping and maybe start right here.

Mirrors or Mandalas or Reflection
Have fun!

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