Friday, April 16, 2010

On Thursday

Yesterday we got the chance to attend the Country Thunder event in Florence Arizona. We were guests of a corporate sponsor and got to hang out in their hospitality tent. The food was great and the welcome was warm and friendly.

The lineup of artists was good for a Thursday. We got to see Collin Raye, Jodee Messina, Gary Allan and Miranda Lambert.

I know I am getting old but I don't mind loud music however the quality of sound seems to suffer at these big outdoor events. I will say that the gentlemen were easier to understand than the ladies, sorry ladies. And someone please tell me why the systems always seem to be set up so the instruments overpower the singers voice nearly all the time? Can't these things be adjusted or am I asking too much?

Overall fun event, great lineup of performers, just wish loud and clear went together better.

If you are in the area you might want to catch Keith Urban tonight or Kid Rock on Saturday.

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