Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Okay so I didn't get anything listed but I did get a lot of housework done. Some polishing of furniture, bathroom cleaning, laundry and some other odd chores. I will have a long day on my own tomorrow so I will get some things photographed then and get some new items in my shops. I have some scarves and some crocheted baby blankets ready to go. I am still wondering how to take a good picture of a baby blanket. I want to catch the eye of those looking for a special gift for new little ones.

It could be a bit easier to do this pondering about blankets if I had a serene patio to sit on. The rest of the house is basically done. The patio however is rather blah. It has a grill and some folding chairs. I would really like a pretty set of patio furniture or at least nice chairs with some soft but durable outdoor cushions. Maybe I can put a bug in someone's ear since Mother's Day is coming soon.

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