Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Assume

I like to shop at the grocery store closest to my house. I have done that everywhere I have lived. I figure  that driving around for bargains costs you more in time and money.

In the new neighborhood I am not so sure. The closest store to us now is a Fry's. As you go in it looks great with a bakery, deli, Starbucks and even an olive bar. It kind of goes down hill from there. A good half of the store is overpriced housewares. I think because of this the food aisles are very close and in a busy store hard to navigate.

My main complaint is the attitude I have run into a couple times when shopping there. Last weekend was really a bit much. I had Jim with me which is fun because he does not shop for food with me often. As we finished up he went to get in a checkout line and I got distracted looking at plants. I got done and went to find him. He was in a line and had our cart about half unloaded onto the little belt.

Then came a voice "Ma'am, ma'am!". I looked up when I realized the cashier was talking to me. She said in a tone definitely not friendly, "For future reference this line is for 15 items or less."  I told her I was sorry I did not see a sign and actually my husband chose the line when I was in another part of the store. She said something about how it must be easier to blame the husband like I was lying to her.

By now Jim is a bit embarrassed and we just want to get our stuff and leave. As we went out the door I looked for the express sign and found it hidden and in the same color as much of its surroundings. It was easy to see why Jim missed it.

I may not go back. It is not that far to another store.

Oh yeah one other thing. Please think kindly of someone the next time you see them in the wrong line. It may be just a bit of confusion in a new store.

Also I got in a walk on Saturday morning and again this morning. It seems like such a nice way to start the day.

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  1. I am always in the wrong place in a new store, I can so empathize with you...I think you need to find a new place to shop!

    Take care ~Natalie


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