Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day Two

If you follow along with me here you may know that this guy is my DH. We have gotten rather comfortable with each other over the years and I like that. Watching television after dinner one night while he was still awake, cause he works long days and is usually snoozing in his chair before going to bed, we saw a commercial about hair loss treatments. I asked if he ever considered checking them out since he is a bit thin on top. He said no and I am okay with that. I don't mind his gray either since it gives me something to tease him about since I am about half a year older than he is and not nearly so gray.

What I do mind is my weight because I want to set myself up to go into my 60's and beyond in good shape. This was day 2 of my measured morning walks. I did a different route for just over one mile and according to my phone burned 98 calories. Being a simple free app I think it does averages to come up with the numbers. It does not ask for your weight or any other special things like walking with weights, dogs or strollers. It does not take into account extra vigorous movements like Splendid Little Stars asked about in my previous post.

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