Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today's Thought

This is not a deep thought just something that occurred to me as I go back and forth between houses. There is absolutely no need for fancy fitness equipment when you are moving. Aerobics? Got it covered. Intervals to increase the calorie burn? Got it covered. Strength training? Got it covered. I know this is true because I am starting to feel the effects in every part of me. I started packing the kitchen today. I will only leave a minimum to keep us fed through the rest of the week. I guess I am really paying the price for being a sentimental pack rat. I suppose I should get back to work.


  1. I moved a lot growing up as an Air Force brat and seem to have continued the habit into adulthood. Seeing what I accumulate in the 2-4 years between moves, makes me scared how much I'll squirrel-away when we're actually settled! ;-) On the upside, the frequent moves kind of pushes the issue to clear the clutter. Good luck with your move and remember to use proper body mechanics when lifting! (We probably go through as much Advil as packing tape. Ha!)

  2. I have so much stuff, I couldn't imagine moving now! Good Luck.

    Don't forget to spring ahead!!
    Take care ~Natalie


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