Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lousy Pictures and Making Progress

Two sets of curtains got done today covering four windows. You can't really see much in the picture because I just took some quick shots with poor lighting. The dining area is an off white eyelet lace and the breakfast nook got some sunny yellow. The little things hanging in the nook are some kitchen themed stuff I made back in the days when I did painted wood. I don't know if you really call it tole painting or not. I think I even cut the wood myself. I haven't played with a scroll saw in a very long time.

Now my feet hurt from standing at the ironing board and my arms ache from sorting through way too many boxes and bags of fabric to find what I wanted. I have the curtains planned for four more rooms.

They will not get done today however. I have had enough for one day. Right now I want out of the house for a bit. I am wishing for some nice patio furniture like a lounge chair so I can put up my feet and soak up some sun. I could add someone bringing me a tall glass of iced tea to my day dream too couldn't I? Reality is a hard chair in the sun and a backyard that is bare dirt right now and I have to get my own tea. I am glad it is not too hot yet though.

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