Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unusual Activity

You know I can go for weeks or even months at a time needing to only follow the timing of my own internal clock. This week has been so much different! I got my first sale on Zibbet and the customer has expanded her order with a few more headbands I need to get made. (They are going to be so cute!) I have dental and doctor checkups. I had to be at the new house for the gas to be turned on and again for a home inspection. We had had documents to sign, scan and return and on and on.

The most peaceful part of all this was having some quiet time in the new house. I wandered through the rooms several times thinking about new floors and blinds. I created the rooms in my mind imagining where my furniture would go. I looked in closets and cabinets figuring our how best to use all the storage spaces. Now we just need a chance to make it real.

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