Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Becoming Cool

I am feeling a bit like Barbara Mandrel these days. Do you remember her song I was country when country wasn't cool? I discovered that the new trend in decorating is called granny chic. You know it is in when it makes the morning news shows. I have lived and loved granny chic way before it was chic or I was a granny. That is just the cozy type of person I am.

Kind of reminds me of a day in a craft store years ago getting a pair of knitting needles. The young clerk taking my money said, "I think it is so cute that people still knit." I imagine her a few years later in a knitting group of young women because knitting became cool again.

All I have to say now is long live crocheted afghans and potholders. The frugality and simple pleasure of creating your environment with your own hands should never go out of style.

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