Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy and Proud

Wow! I don't remember a time recently so crammed with deadlines and expectations.  It did however include a trip to Salt Lake, getting taxes done, closing on a house, errands to check on our house after a storm, sending off my first sale on Zibbet, getting a cashiers check for closing and needing to go to two different bank branches to get it and getting the thing to the title company. Can I tell you that the holders of 2nd mortgages can be a royal pain? They expect you to wait patiently for their approval and then get everything done like yesterday.

Oh yeah, I did mention my first Zibbet sale right? It was from a lovely customer that started out with one and ended up with 5 of my headbands. You can see the ones she choose below. We had a few strange problems with the shopping cart but I am assured by the folks that run the site the problems will be solved soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unusual Activity

You know I can go for weeks or even months at a time needing to only follow the timing of my own internal clock. This week has been so much different! I got my first sale on Zibbet and the customer has expanded her order with a few more headbands I need to get made. (They are going to be so cute!) I have dental and doctor checkups. I had to be at the new house for the gas to be turned on and again for a home inspection. We had had documents to sign, scan and return and on and on.

The most peaceful part of all this was having some quiet time in the new house. I wandered through the rooms several times thinking about new floors and blinds. I created the rooms in my mind imagining where my furniture would go. I looked in closets and cabinets figuring our how best to use all the storage spaces. Now we just need a chance to make it real.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I spent yesterday getting utilities turned on for a home inspection next week. I don't think anything will stop the deal for our new house now. It will be nice to have some room for Jim and I to get out of each others hair sometimes. Two stories should take care of that. I think the move will happen slowly because we want to do some new flooring and maybe some paint before we load a truck and change places.

Moving sucks but creating a new home is fun. Looking forward to it all.
Do you have anything special you are looking forward to?

My own space

I spent yesterday getting utilities turned on for a home inspection. Very soon I will have a new place for my cozy self. That includes a room for me that is big enough to get my computer, mailing supplies, photo setup, crafting materials and inventories all in one place. Right now I am spread out all over the house and it is not efficient and going from room to room to work is distracting.
I am excited!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Becoming Cool

I am feeling a bit like Barbara Mandrel these days. Do you remember her song I was country when country wasn't cool? I discovered that the new trend in decorating is called granny chic. You know it is in when it makes the morning news shows. I have lived and loved granny chic way before it was chic or I was a granny. That is just the cozy type of person I am.

Kind of reminds me of a day in a craft store years ago getting a pair of knitting needles. The young clerk taking my money said, "I think it is so cute that people still knit." I imagine her a few years later in a knitting group of young women because knitting became cool again.

All I have to say now is long live crocheted afghans and potholders. The frugality and simple pleasure of creating your environment with your own hands should never go out of style.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Ads

This ad was one of my favorites. I always want to see what the Budweiser horses are up to as well. This year you had to wait for that until the last part of the game. At least it was a game worth watching to the end. Since my Cardinals weren't in it I did not really have a favorite team. I just cheered for both teams to do well. I know strange woman right?

Friday, February 5, 2010

I Baked

I bought some yeast on my last grocery trip as well as flour. I love homemade cinnamon rolls and today I indulged myself by baking some. Yeah I will share with Jim. Half of them are made with almonds for me and half without nuts for him.

I think it is time for an afternoon cup of tea and a freshly baked roll. Don't you?

I got the recipe from Who needs cookbooks anymore with the internet. I can google a recipe faster than I can find it in my stack of books. Love that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tis the month

February. The month of hearts, roses, valentines, chocolates, a son in law's birthday, a friend's birthday(hi Laura) and a nieces birthday. Pink and red will be everywhere. I remember some silly rule about dressing when I was growing up that you should never wear them together. Those days must be over because I found the combination on many, many things on ArtFire.

This pink and red combination can be seen in my own shop in this headband.

How about this beautiful bag from Sew Christine?

If it is still chilly where you are you might like this scarf from Tyler Rae's Boutique.

Beyond these three things there are lots more. Browse ArtFire and see for yourself!
Come back and leave a comment and let me know what you find.

This post is part of the BlogFire Guild blog carnival and will be part of a post on the guild blog this Friday, February 5th.

Awesome Show

 Staying up and knitting the other night I watched Independent Lens. I love the show because the topics are always entertaining and/or educational. The show I watched was Between the Folds about the history and the current artists whose work is in origami. I have made my share of little boxes and cranes but never developed the techniques or patience to even attempt one of the creations I saw on the show.
 If you get a chance to watch this when it runs again I recommend you do it. I was amazed. Are you?
To see a preview clip of the show click the link below

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving Things Around

I have been working my way through my finished products the last couple days. I am doing it slowly I admit but doing it rather than the frozen state I found myself in last week. I was working my way through the headbands I have made and have some more to add but I thought I would show them to you in a slide show.

I have sold a few of these and alway gotten positive feedback on them that I am very proud of.

"hayyyyy my headband just arrived i love it wearing it now its so pretty"

"Even prettier in person! Super fast shipping, too! Thanks a lot - I love it!"

"This headband is absolutely fantastic! I plan on wearing it on my wedding day. Thank you so much for the prompt shipment. You are wicked awesome!"

"you should make more of these for sure!"

Want to see what all the excitement was about?

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Concept

This blog had a started with the intent to showcase my stitching with random sharing of handmade coolness I found online. I have been good, well maybe not, about the random sharing and not so good, ok not really good at all, about showing my work. I do have projects I am working on all the time in fact a few, well maybe several things at a time. So for myself as well as for readers in you are interested I am going to try a record more of my work here more often. At times it will be in progress work and other times finished, photographed and listed work.
So over the weekend I needed to start something new. I am trying to use up stash and not buy new things unless they are needed for a specific project. I wanted to make a scarf that would be good for men or women. I think I came up with a stitch pattern that works for both. It has a relatively smooth side and a bumpy side and you could choose which is the right side depending on what you like. I don't plan on fringing this because someone like my husband would say that makes it too girly. When it is all done it will go on my mannequin to get its picture taken and then be listed in a shop. I love the color of this and hope someone else will too.

If you want to read more of my personal ramblings I invite you to take a look at my other blog A Cozy Life.

The Printed Word

I literally could not get through a day without reading something. Many times I have more than one book at a time that I am enjoying. If I don't read during the day I always read at least 10 minutes or so before I go to sleep.

I get my stuff from all sorts of places. Libraries are number one on my list for reading materials. I have checked out Amazon books and lately with my new phone I have found public domain classics that I can read in bed without needing to turn on a light. I love my new phone! (It's a Droid.)

If you are an obsessed reader like me where do you get your books?

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