Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Same Decade

With the birthday of my youngest sister this month we are all in our 50's now. We are all grandmothers and well past the age of worrying about thing like blackheads treatment.My youngest sister that you see on the right is a busy lady. She kayaks as a hobby and you see her here with a daughter and granddaughter. She also runs a machine embroidery business out of her home. If you are in the Ventura CA area look up Creative Stitches.

Being the oldest in this bunch the sister you see on the left is the middle one. She stays busy working at the post office in Magna UT. Her passion is for helping kids and she is very involved in BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse).

As for me? Well I have kayaked with Kristi and had fun. I must confess though that I don't do vehicles that require helmets so I haven't ridden motorcycles with Karen. But my fun is more tame since I am such a homebody. By that I mean a stack of new books from the library, a box of yarn and too many ideas, just simple quiet stuff. Each of us different, but it is all good, we are sisters.

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