Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Fancy

Do you ever get surprised by what your spouse is thinking? You know when they say something and you wonder where did that idea come from?

Something new popped up in conversation after dinner last night. Jim wants to go on a cruise some time this year. He called our youngest daughter who has been on a couple cruises to Mexico to ask some questions. What he wanted to know about particularly was formal night. I guess this is a tradition on cruise ships and every one gets all dressed. For guys it can start with a tuxedo shirt, jacket and the whole deal or just a regular suit. For ladies it is formal evening wear which I don't own. It's not like we go to formal events often or even at all. Heck I didn't even go to my high school prom. I understand participating in formal night is optional.

If you have been on a cruise to anywhere I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment here or link to a post about your experience so I can learn more.


  1. I've never been on a cruise - I'd love to some day though!

  2. I've never been on a cruise either - but know LOTS of people who have. I have never heard a bad thing about them... You lucky girl!

  3. Your hubby just needs a coat and tie; tuxes are for the old guys. I have taken 4 cruises and liked 3 of the 4. Here is my YouTube video of a cruise to the Mediterranean:

  4. Thanks for the tip and the video Nancy. He does have a suit.
    Now to figure out something for me.


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