Thursday, January 21, 2010

Awaiting the Storm

As I sit here waiting for the brunt of the coming storm that the forecasters predict will break records it occurred to me that having something soft and scrumptious to curl up in would be wonderful. The backyard is full of puddles and the worst of the rain and wind is yet to come.

I have some scrappy afghans of my own but if you find yourself often in the same situation and don't knit or crochet I thought I would show you some of the best I think artisans on ArtFire have currently for sale in their shops.

From the shop Craftshoot-

This next one in a stunning red is from Elleellee.

Now really how could you not feel cozy wrapped in this lovely color from

I will tell you that not only do I admire the workmanship in these pieces but I certainly appreciate the difficulty of photographing a blanket and making it look good. I think these talented needleworkers have managed both. Don't you?

This post is part of the BlogFire Guild biweekly blog carnival. You can read more posts showcasing the outstanding knitting and crocheting found on Artfire by going to the guild blog on Friday, January 22nd.


  1. I agree! These pieces are beautiful and beautifully photographed. Cozy!

  2. Wonderful afghans! I must go check them out!!


  3. Good post, beautiful pictures. Nice blog, I like this blog.

  4. Those are beautiful pieces you've shown off :)


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