Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Blog?

That is what I wonder sometimes. Why do I keep adding to this blog? The truth is that this blog is mostly for myself. This is a place to pull together the scattered pieces of life in one place to remember them. I hope that every once in awhile I post some little thing that is of interest to others. It is a lot about family with no dirty laundry so that means it might be a bit boring, a bit about crafts, a bit about books or restaurants or events. It is a bit of posting that I get some mad money for and enough to pay my monthly fee on ArtFire.

So what do I want to remember this time? I want to remember that on Friday we got to go here-

Thanks to a kind and generous invitation we were part of a group in a suite to watch the truck series race last Friday night. Since we got there early enough we were able to wander around the infield for awhile and see the qualifying rounds for the big race that was held on Sunday.

Watching from the suite was amazing. The noise was bearable because we were behind glass. The food was awesome. If you had a favorite driver you wanted to follow scanners were available with headphones. We were also lucky enough to spend part of the day with a young man who was a real racing fan. He was kind enough to answer a lot of my silly questions about rules and drivers and other things.

Here is my other random thought. Why is it that most men seem to look great in pictures no matter what? While for ladies or myself I only really like maybe one in a thousand of pictures taken of me and this is not one of them. These were taken at the entrance to the tunnel that takes you to the infield.

I will tell you what I do like though. I am really liking bloggers new way of handling pictures. 

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  1. I look at blogging as I do writing. I write it down once to not forget, and then I read it many times over in order to remember.

    I blog with photos to remember those things that I never have the time to write.

    I envision my babies having babies someday and reading all about their childhood, and what their Mama/G-ma used to spend her time doing.

    Living it...and remembering it. :)


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