Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's New Today?

I have made it a policy of not putting the same item on multiple sites. I know it is not as if the world of online shoppers is causing servers to crash with traffic to my shops. I just never wanted to be in the embarrassing situation of having to tell someone that the item they wanted was bought out from under them at another site.

Rather than waiting for things to expire I have started moving off of Silkfair. With all my days interruptions I got two things moved. Now available in A Cozy Life on ArtFire are a scarf in shaded blues and a headband that has colors that I really love.

For the scarf I used a shaded yarn that goes from deep indigo to a cool icy blue. For visual interest I created a pattern that angles the colors at the ends.

I can't help myself. I love calico prints. I think the turquoise crocheted edging makes a pretty frame for this fabric.

As I keep going with this process I will keep you posted right here.


  1. so pretty! And I think your model is very attractive too!

  2. The shaded scarf is very lovely! Your model is a bit drafty, and could use some scarf-y warmth! Seriously, I do like the presentation. I have silk scarves but haven't listed because I'm not happy with any presentation I've done so far. Your is perfect!

  3. Thanks for the comments from both of you. I had a terrible time with scarves too before I got this mannequin Splendid. One thing I did before that I thought was okay was use a pretty padded hanger to drape them on. That way there weren't just a heap laying on a table.


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