Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Work

We got carpet in what has become a guest bedroom rather than DH's home office. We moved a lot of furniture around and exposed a lot of dust bunnies. We are getting ready for visiting family this holiday season. I wish they were as cute as this one from Purrfect Knits on Artfire. I would have kept her if that was what I found. So cute!


  1. LOL, when company is coming...that is when the major happens at our home too! Luckily, its hubs family that comes, so he "has" to help!

    Hope you headache was short-lived.


  2. I am much better the day after. Yes company does have a way of showing us all the things that we let slide doesn't it?

    As a guest I just don't look but I know others do.


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