Friday, October 16, 2009


I was reminded yesterday that I did not post one of my infamous birthday pictures for my youngest daughter on her birthday earlier this month. Since I wished her a happy birthday on her facebook page I thought I had it covered but I guess not. Here she is for her moment of fame with her children on a visit to Arizona last year.

She turned 27 this year and like me this birthday kind of bothered her. I didn't mind turning 30 or 40 or even 50 but for some reason I remember being rather depressed on my 27 th birthday. Maybe it has something to do with being firmly in your late 20's and being forced to accept that in the eyes of the world you are expected to be a competent grownup. You have to spend time worrying about all those adult things like auto insurance, health insurance, caring for kids and hoping for the best in their education, taxes, spouses, home, jobs and on and on and on. You believe that this is drudgery is your life for the next 50 to 60 years or so.

However each stage from wife to mother to grandma, from busy house and jobs to empty nest has its own joys and challenges and it will all be okay. Like I did, Cindy will get over this slight bump and get very comfortable with who she is and how old she is. I am certain of that.

Do you remember an age that really bothered you? Why? I love when my readers share their stories. Tell me yours.


  1. I don't remember any age bothering me more than another. I guess I'm kinda wierd. Maybe the big 60 will be that age.... {:-D

  2. happy birthday to Cindy! 20 was exciting--almost 21. All the other change of decade birthdays are rather strange because of the perceived "oldness" of the number.


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