Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never Again

Never again. Those are the words I heard this weekend. A guest room is being painted and carpeted in my house to make a cozy place for visitors. For at least two people we will have a bed rather than air mattresses on the floor. Jim's home office was moved from that bedroom to the formal dining area of our living room. We don't do formal often enough to keep that space as is anyway. The move involved taking down the head damaging chandelier and putting up a new ceiling fan with a light fixture on it. the ceiling fan installation did not go real smoothly even though Jim is a very talented handy guy. The box said "The 5 Minute Fan". The box lied.

So now there are two things that will happen here when hell freezes over, I find an eye wrinkle cream that works or pigs fly. The first is laying a travertine stone floor and the second is installing another ceiling fan.

1 comment:

  1. painting a room is HARD work and I always find myself excited to get started but after like an hour Im over it! hahah

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