Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today's Frustration

So I am working on a summer wrap idea crocheted with size 10 cotton thread. I think this would be a lovely way to cover your sun kissed shoulders as the sun goes down. My problem is that I found a mistake several rows back as I was working on it last night. Can you see right in the middle where I missed the top of a column of stitches? The thought of having to take out all those stitches and redo it makes me want to chuck it in a corner and just cruise the web looking for travel deals. I will have to do it though to have the number of loops for the scalloped edge I have planned to come out right on both sides of the triangular wrap. Grrrr!
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  1. I know the feeling,,I dont know how many times I have thought should I or should'nt I ripe it out...and if you are like me,,you will not be happy with it unless you redo it...good luck,,

  2. Okay yes, been there done that & I have to go back to redo. I just can't leave it. Aww... I can help pull the strings!! :)

  3. Thanks for the offer of help. Got is undone last nigh and am working back to where I was.


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