Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Handmade

This is something I made long ago. It has had a couple lives so far. the little doily started out in a wood embroidery hoop to hang on a wall or in a window and I used it that way for a long time. I took it out of the hoop when I was looking for something to place a new reed diffuser on. It is made of cream colored crochet thread and uses almost every basic crochet stitch there is from single to triple with a few clusters thrown in.

One of the nice things about creating with cotton crochet thread is that with a bit of care it can be a very long lasting piece of work. I wash my things in the washer and lay them out to dry. To keep things looking nice I press them with a steam iron and some spray starch to help it resist dirt.

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  1. That's beautiful :) My Mom makes things like that!

  2. You can see an example or RoseWorks mom's work here

    Isn't it gorgeous?

  3. My grandmother used to make doilies and decorative crochet items. So beautiful.


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