Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Heard About

I just heard that Sarah Palin is stepping down as the governor of Alaska. I found the news a bit amusing. The reasoning stated is so that she would not waste the state's money doing lame duck travel and other useless junkets. Come on Sarah, just don't go huh? She also says she wants to work on changing things in this country from outside the "bloodsport" of politics. Well we all know that Mrs. Palin has no public speaking fear. I do wonder who will be paying for her to travel all over working on this change while she prepares to reenter the "bloodsport" to run for president which we all know she will do. One more thing Sarah, how will you supposedly be able to spend more time with your family while becoming the main poster child for the Republican Party? Wouldn't staying in Alaska as governor make that easier?

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  1. this should be good! She cracks me up! Maybe she wants to start her marathon training, to run against Obama. lol

  2. Yeah, this amused me too--hearing her comments as to why threw me for a loop, until I realized I was expecting rational thought when I should have been expecting political nonsense-babble ;)


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