Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Weekend

Over the weekend one of our grandsons turned three years old. I got him a card that played the song happy birthday. He called today to thank me for the card and to play the song so I could hear it.
I want to tell this little superhero happy birthday here on the blog and share one of my favorite pictures of this cute little man. This was at Thanksgiving last year. He found a quiet spot, paper and pencil and decided to do some drawing. Sorry Tristan but I can't remember what you told me it was a drawing of now.
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  1. Sweet picture and beautiful boy!

  2. Cute kid... i mean CUTE!!

    Happy birthday big buddy!!

  3. He is cute. Lately he has been saying he is a superhero. Usually when he is about to jump off a table or couch. That is the excuse he tries with his mom for doing it anyway.


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