Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots of Football Soon

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Soon Sundays will be exciting again. Football season will be starting. Preseason games will be starting in August. We have been Direct TV customers for several years. We started with them when we moved into a new house and cable was not available and not all the local channels could not be seen because of the mountains in the way of the signal. I think this may be our year to splurge on the NFL Sunday Ticket feature that is offered by Direct TV.

We have a couple favorite teams and so many others are great to watch. Seeing all your favorites no matter where you live is not a problem with the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule. Of course living in Phoenix we follow the Cardinals. For many years we lived in San Diego and came to love the Chargers in the days of Dan Fouts and Coach Coryell. Does any one else remember those fourth quarter wins? What about the Raiders keeping them out of the Superbowl two years in a row?

Maybe I will check out the NFL Sunday Ticket price and surprise Jim. He is a hardworking guy and deserves something nice like this. With up to 14 games to watch he will be busy all day and of course watching football means knitting my way through the games and getting lots of projects done.

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  1. I am new to blogging and saw your comments about NFL football. I love football whether it is college or pro. I follow college with The Ohio State Buckeyes, and pro with the Cleveland Browns. So my Saturdays and Sundays are pretty well filled. I sit and do my crocheting, knitting, crss-stitch, or needpoint. I am always doing some craft and watching football. Thank goodness my husband loves football. Enjoy the season.


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