Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reading 2009- Harry Potter Series

Early this year I figured it was time to read the Harry Potter books. I found them all in the young adult section of the library and got started. I read one through four quickly and enjoyed them all. I am not an in depth literary critic so that is the best you will get from me most of the time. I read for enjoyment or to learn something new. I try not to over analyze anything and maybe that is just my lazy way of getting through life but frankly is saves me a lot of stress.

Anyway back to Harry. When I went to get the fifth book they were all checked out. On later visit I was able to get the last three books and read them all together. The story was wonderful and I enjoyed it from beginning to the very end. I have two thoughts to share with you about the whole thing. First as I was reading the books I felt that I was not only following the students of Hogwarts as they grew up but seeing the author becoming a better storyteller with each book. The one place I think she lost it a bit was at the very end. I am a bit confused about how Harry came back to life after his final conversation with Dumbledore. I don't know how it could have been done better though and that is why I only write on this little blog and not novels.

Have you read them all? Have you not bothered to read them? What do you think about the books versus the movies that have been made? I love comments so feel free to leave some.


  1. I really enjoyed the series - and I think your right, she did really grow as a writer through them! I also found the last book a wee bit confusing though...

  2. Echoing RoseWorks, I agree that she definitely grew tremendously as a writer. It's hard for me to read the first book nowadays-- incredible imagination, but eh, not so good writing.

    As far as the movies vs. the books, I could go on and on, but one point is that I can't stand the way Hermione's used for exposition and given *Ron's* lines.

    So many people say that the HP books got their kids reading. They certainly got my older daughter into books. I'll always be grateful for that. :)


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