Monday, May 4, 2009

Reading 2009 Dying to Live by Joseph Nevins

I have decided to try a post about all the books I read. The posts will be titled and tagged reading 2009. I am mainly doing this for myself. I am a big list maker and since I have this blog I thought the best way to make a book list for myself is to use it.

If you find a book here that you enjoy or makes you laugh, cry or think in a new way on my list that would thrill me. I read all kinds of things so what you find in my posts may be light entertainment, a mystery, a biography or who knows? If you have read anything I post about feel free to leave a comment after all that is what bloggers hope for with every post. We want to engage the audience (that is you) in some small way or at least I do. I guess I shouldn't speak for all bloggers, right?

Dying to Live is not the first book I read this year but is is the first book since I decided on this project. I don't buy many books so the early reads of 2009 are back at the library and I don't even want to try to remember them all. Written by Joseph Nevins it personalizes the story of the border between Mexico and the US. It makes me so sad to think that so many journeys started with hope end in tragedy.

If you have read this book please leave a comment. I would like to know how it affected you.

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