Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reading 2009- Divine Justice by David Baldacci

Another bit of fast paced reading by one of my favorite authors. You just know the bad guys will get it in the end but getting there keeps you turning the pages. John Carr has some pretty amazing friends in his Camel Club.

You can find out all about the author David Baldacci and his work at the David Baldacci website.

If you have been following this series of Reading 2009 posts this is the last of the books that I took back to the library on the 4th of May. I have spread out publishing the posts over a couple weeks. I don't want the blog to be all about one thing. I plan to post books from now on after I finish them but knowing me I will probably write them all up on library day just before I take them back and will mix the book posts in with others.

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