Monday, April 27, 2009

Handmade in My House

I have set out on a new series of posts here at Cozy's Stitches. I will still feature artists and crafters and their work but a couple times a week I will be showing you what I have in my life that is handmade. I will show you the things that I made myself and the things Jim and I have collected.

To organize this project I will go room by room and show off the big things, little things, decorative things and useful things. We are starting in the master bathroom with something I made. This useful rug tickles my feet and dries my toes every morning.I found myself with a lot of that fabric that you wonder why you really every bought. You sewers know exactly what I am talking about. The kind of stuff that calls to you from the clearance table. You don't have a project in mind but maybe you just might use it someday. This rug used a lot of that kind of fabric up for me. I crocheted a base and latch hooked short fabric strips onto it. The rug is thick and heavy and feels wonderful to step on.What do you have in your life that you use or enjoy every day that is handmade? Feel free to leave a comment about it and even a link if you have posted about your handmade life on a blog.

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  1. The shawls you make are beautiful. We are very happy to have you as part of the Artfire community!

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